Anderson Global Group partners with CJ CheilJedang to launch AllSweet™ Allulose Low-Calorie Sugar

by Jonanathan Hall

AllSweet™ Allulose is a natural sugar with only 10% of the calories of conventional table sugar

IRVINE, Calif., June 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Anderson Global Group announced today that it plans to launch its AllSweet™ Low-Calorie Sugar at the upcoming IFT tradeshow in Chicago. Anderson Global has partnered with South Korean manufacturer CJ CheilJedang to offer Allulose under the AllSweet™ brand to food and beverage formulators seeking to reduce total calories, especially those from High Fructose Corn Syrup.

"We are excited to be joining forces with CJ CheilJedang to bring this truly groundbreaking sugar to the U.S. market," says Russ Anderson, President of Anderson Global. "This ingredient performs like regular table sugar, but at a fraction of the calories. The functional advantages of AllSweet™ are tremendous and we are looking forward to supporting our food and beverage customers to see what kind of innovative, low-calorie products they can produce."

AllSweet™ Low-Calorie Sugar

Allulose is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits and foods such as raisins, figs, kiwis and brown sugar.

At only 0.3 kcal/g, AllSweet™ Allulose Low-Calorie Sugar provides a clean, satisfying sweetness to beverage, bakery, frozen, confectionary and dairy applications. AllSweet™ performs like sugar in formulations and delivers the sweet satisfaction consumers crave. Allulose is recognized by the taste buds as a simple sugar and yet is not metabolized and has no impact on blood glucose levels.

A Better, Different Sugar

In contrast to high-intensity sweeteners like sucralose, AllSweet™ Allulose has the ability to replicate the hallmark properties of sugar such as browning while baking. AllSweet™ provides an exceptionally clean sweetness profile on parity with table sugar and doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant or bitter aftertaste like Stevia. Best of all, AllSweet™ is made from Non-GMO corn, making it the cleanest label available for Allulose low-calorie sugar replacements.

CJ CheilJedang has led the Korean food industry since it started as Korea’s first sugar producer in 1953. CJ CheilJedang has led Korea’s food industry with its wide range of processed food and food ingredients including sugar, specialty sweetener, flour, pre-mix, cooking oil and fermented soybean meal. As the No.1 Food Company in Korea, CJ CheilJedang has grown into a global food and bio company by extending its business to include feed, livestock and bio. As part of its mission to be a global food ingredients company, CJ CheilJedang undertakes consistent investment in research and development, succession and innovation as it moves towards the global market.

Anderson Global Group is an Irvine, CA based supplier of the world’s best functional food and dietary supplements available. The knowledgeable team at Anderson Global tirelessly scours the globe in search of the very best GMP manufacturing partners and selects to represent only the best ingredients for their discerning CPG clients.

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